Warranty Conditions

The products are guaranteed by ARNEG Argentina S.A. within the following clauses:

FIRST: Each part or accessory is guaranteed for the periods detailed below:

  • 12 months: painting, thermal insulation, plastic sides, assembly of the equipment if the installation was carried out by qualified personnel approved by ARNEG Argentina.
  • 6 months: compressors, cold rooms’ evaporators, condensers, condensing units and refrigeration racks, due to manufacturing defects. Other accessories like night curtains, plastic curtains for cold rooms and doors, where the installation was made by qualified personnel approved by ARNEG Argentina. The proof of the problem cause is always in charge of the buyer.
  • 3 months: gases losses because of evaporator’s damages. The proof of the problem cause is always in charge of the buyer.
  • 2 months: all electric and electronic parts as lamps, reactors, controls, fans, among others.
The warranty validity runs from the delivery date “ex Works” ARNEG Argentina factory at Rosario (Argentina) and it is supported by the corresponding invoice.
When ARNEG Argentina, directly or through third parties, makes the installation of its products, the guarantee period will start at the installation start-up. The date considered will be the date on which the products are installed and ready to work, and the documentation indicated as provisional delivery or the notification of delivery made irrefutably by ARNEG Argentina without observation of the buyer during following three days, will be the only proof.
SECOND: the fact that the products are not put into operation after delivery for any reason not referable to ARNEG Argentina do not suspend or interrupt the course of the warranty period. It will be understood that any delay that occurs from the start-up is due to a buyer cause, unless the buyer proves that it is attributable to the seller.
THIRD: The seller also guarantees the operation of all its products provided when are used under the conditions indicated in its technical specifications, but does not guarantee the result of the service that is not under its control, calculation, or maintain, because it is not part of the contractual relationship unless a different written agreement. As an indispensable proof to require the guarantee, the client must have signed by ARNEG Argentina the technical specifications and guarantee form.
FORTH: The seller does not guarantee the products when at their own criteria:
A. The defects find their cause in failures of the system of which they are part and that was not provided by the seller. It is in charge of the buyer the proof of the cause.
B. Has been repaired or attempted to repair, modified or maintained by third parties unrelated to the seller
C. They have been connected to clandestine or inadequate gas or electricity networks. It is in charge of the buyer the proof of the appropriateness of the installation.
D. The installation do not respect the recommendations given by the seller.
E. The energy supply used is inadequate +/- 10%, or the defect is caused by poor maintenance not attributable to ARNEG Argentina.
F. Misuse of products, flood, hail, fire, acts of force majeure or fortuitous events and natural forces, which may also occur during installation.
G. The identification plates or serial numbers have been damaged, altered or removed from the units.
H. One or more components are not the original ones provided by the seller or the products have been put into operation by the buyer without having signed the provisional and/or final delivery documents. The proof will be always in charge of the buyer.
FIFTH: The guarantee commits ARNEG Argentina, at its option, to the replacement or repair of the defective guaranteed parts, leaving the expenses of travel of personnel or shipment products in charge of the buyer unless a different written agreement.
SIXTH: The guarantee does not extend, under any circumstances, to direct or indirect damages or losses suffered by people or things outside of this contractual relationship.
SEVENTH: All the products that work with electricity supply must have a properly connected earth discharge before its start-up. Failure to comply with this requirement is exclusively for the buyer.
EIGHTH: The buyer undertakes to expressly and immediately communicate any defect to the seller. The delay in complying with this duty frees the seller of the present guarantee in relation to the damages that have an adequate link of causality with this.
NINTH: The products whose guarantee is intended, must be individualized by the buyer, together with the documentation of its purchase and must also have signed by ARNEG Argentina the documentation of provisional and/or final delivery where is indicated that the product is installed and ready to operate.
TENTH: Beyond the warranty period or terminated for any reason, ARNEG Argentina, unless a different written agreement, will not be required to repair or replace products without charge.