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About us

International leader in the commercial and industrial refrigeration market and isothermal panels.

Arneg Argentina is part of the Arneg Group, an International Group with presence on 5 continents and a history of more than 60 years in leadership position.

Arneg Argentina: International Footprint, Argentine Pride


Customisation is what sets us apart

Refrigerated displays are not all the same.

That is why we offer customers so much choice. Arneg helps customers turn ideas into reality with products they can personalise to identify their business and refrigeration solutions they can tailor to meet their needs. Our vast catalogue is the result of thorough analysis of the characteristics that products need to adapt to different markets.

Arneg knows no limits. Customer feedback and continuous development mean that our catalogue is constantly expanding and always ahead of the international competition. Our range includes refrigerated counters and towers, hot cases, vertical and semi-vertical multi-deck cabinets, open and closed islands, wall counters, roll-in cabinets and rear service cabinets. A choice of built-in and remote refrigeration systems allows Arneg solutions to meet the needs of stores of all kinds.

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Created by us, tailored for you

From idea
To product
For creativity
In daily life

Italian authenticity

We have always promoted Italian style, elegance and tradition.
Italian style embraces heart and mind, intuition and technology, authenticity and flair for detail.

It also defines the philosophy that, from our earliest beginnings, has driven us to create products that combine performance and sustainability with beauty and design.


New products are developed daily here at Arneg.
Thanks to great flexibility and team spirit, we can move from prototype to finished product in very little time.

Our responsiveness can be seen from a continuously changing factory layout as we adapt to the needs of customers while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Rather than relying on established procedures, we go further and redesign production in highly innovative ways.

Craftsmanship remains key to Arneg production.



We value the culture of all countries while maintaining our own unique style

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