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F-Gas certification

We promote the transition towards more natural refrigeration.


The progressive reduction of F-Gases

In addition to encouraging the use of ecologically sustainable refrigerants, because we have the future of the planet in mind, we also strive to reduce the use of the most pollutant gases.

Through the Montreal and Kyoto protocols, the European Union is committed to combating climate change by reducing global warming and the emission of ozone-depleting substances. One of the practical steps taken in this direction is the EU F-Gas Regulation governing the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Companies must now be certified and registered in an official portal before they can use these gases.


Since HFCs are found widely in commercial refrigeration, we have decided to support EU institutions in progressively reducing their use.

We have therefore obtained F-GAS FLI certification which qualifies us to maintain HFC systems. This allows us to play a key role in the progressive reduction of these gases, in line with the European Community's target of -80% by 2030.


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