About us

About us

International leader in the design, production and installation of complete equipment.



The Company was born in Rosario in 1977, under the name RAFFO (street where it was first installed). Initially shelves and aisles review for Supermarkets occurred; positioning throughout the country through local distributors. In 1984 lines and plants Exhibiting refrigerated cold are incorporated, providing full facilities. Among the objectives, one of the most important, what remains, service and support to customers. As well as the close relationship with suppliers and company personnel.

From the 90 globalization through and therefore the need to incorporate technology, equipment and expertise, according to international quality standards, it is formed in 1994 a joint venture with the ARNEG Group, forming ARNEG RAFFO SA, achieving sustained growth in the country. Part of the world's leading food group cold sector.

In 2013, continuing the group policy of sustained growth, with a strong commitment to the environment and energy saving Medio, incorporated a continuous production line art panels.

With this production line, Arneg complement its product range incorporated in the Civil market products of the highest quality level.




Arneg born on the basis of solid principles and moral values ​​and has slowly grown to believe increasingly in the importance of a productive development that is sensitive to the issues of environmental protection, energy saving and respect by people.




Today our business project high sustainability has developed over time also thanks to the evolution of intelligent technologies. Our aim is to achieve our economic objectives interacting with the environment, society and customers, who are seeing the benefits of our activities. Continuous improvement of the quality of life is an integral part of this project.




A global dimension is what best describes the scope Arneg Group has achieved in the international market. Its leadership stems from the appreciation of the interrelationships between the various Group companies and wealth of knowledge and ideas circulating through a constant flow of information through its network of production and distribution on all continents . One way of working that, beginning with the mother house and following foreign subsidiaries and Italian companies of the Group, has guaranteed Arneg, in 50 years of activities, excellent results in terms of product quality, innovation and environmental protection.