Sandwich panels are part of a construction system that has a high thermal insulation performance, mechanical resistance, an aesthetic finish, is hygienic and quick to assemble. CFC (chlorofluorocarbon)-free PUR (polyurethane) foam is used to manufacture these panels. The polyurethane is injected into the press with an average density of 40kg/m3. The fire resistance is classed as “Flame retardant, class R1”, based on ABNT standards.

Arneg Argentina also manufactures panels with PIR (Polyisocyanurate) foam with a better response to fire.

The optimal adhesion of the polyurethane foam provides excellent mechanical resistance and enables the possibility of a totally or partially self-supporting use.

Since 2013, Arneg Argentina has been equipped with a high performance continuous panel production press that is added to the existing discontinuous panel press.

Between the two production lines, the different construction requirements in which the panels are used are covered.

The diverse range of sandwich panels manufactured by Arneg Argentina, suitable for different uses, is provided with complete technical advice.

The packaging is fully automated, optimised in volume, with stretch film and EPS blocks.

There is an option to deliver on-site using own lorries.


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