Introducing the new Arneg Skin Panel

The optimal solution for the construction of exposed exterior walls.

Skin is a premium input that, due to its finish and its components, ensures modern and impeccable finishes.

Its format guarantees simplicity in its assembly, without visible fastening elements, since Skin allows the exposed face to be fastened to the entire length of both sides of the panel by mechanical means.

It comes in its Skin Depot version for industrial buildings and Skin Home for building and house facades.


Skin depot

Innovative design for industrial buildings. Its versatility is such that it can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Its step of one meter allows its alignment / integration with the openings.


Skin home

Avant-garde designs for use on building and house facades.

Aesthetic finish that eliminates exposure of the fastening system.

Different finishing designs, which allows an optimal choice for each project.