An innovative and ecological construction solution

The Arneg Group, as an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the Retail sector, has succeeded in offering a comprehensive service in Argentina, adding to its products the innovative construction system with isothermal panel technology.

A modern and efficient solution for the internal and external construction of walls, facades, ceilings and roofs.

We are talking about a “sandwich” panel with special materials, which differ from other forms of construction and conventional insulation due to: Energy efficiency / Hygiene and speed of assembly / Mechanical resistance / aesthetic finish / Flame retardant advantage / Optimization of work times.

The foam injected into it can be PUR (polyurethane), a fire resistant material such as "Flame Retardant, R1 classification", according to ABNT standards. (self-extinguishing; but with toxic smoke). Or it can be PIR (Polyisocyanurate) foam with a better response to fire and certified with international standards (FM). (Does not emit toxic smoke)

But above all, its ability to diversify and adapt to different types of Clients and constructions stands out. In this way, Arneg managed to design different lines of panels:


DEPOT LINE: industrial enclosures, large commercial and administrative areas, warehouses.

HOME LINE: Roofs and facades of houses.

AGRO LINE: Sheds, hatcheries.

CARE LINE: Hospital Modules and Vaccine Containers

WORK LINE: Workrooms, Work Canteens.

COLD LINE: Cold rooms, Wine Cellars,.


Additionally, Arneg's network of Partners makes it possible to provide not only the products they manufacture, but also to add others to provide greater benefits in comprehensive solutions for construction.