Arneg Argentina's contribution to defeat the pandemic

We can produce daily medical units with capacity for 150 beds

We are working with absolute priority, in the production of Isothermal Panels for the assembly of Medical Units.

The main objective is to generate, in the short term, new spaces for the isolation of patients with symptoms of Covid-19.

These unites are used to quickly build-up structures like:

• Sanitary barrier

• Primary care centers

• Hospitalization units

The units are reusable modular buildings, low cost and with the appropriate conditions to be destined for mobile hospitals or confinement centers.

This kind of buildings are adaptable to different needs, either for a large city, or for smaller towns; as well as it can also be used as anteroom, nursing office, medical warehouse, laboratory, among other necessary constructions in the medical field.

Arneg makes its large panel manufacturing capacity available por this aim, together with a group of customers specialized in the construction of different modular systems, to contribute to defeat the pandemic

Our Health Line Panels offer:

High thermal performance

• Efficient contact isolation

• Quick assembly and transportation

• Relocatable and reusable modules (schools, dinningrooms, police districts, etc.)


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