Arneg Argentina continues to innovate and grow for the entire region

We started in our Plant the production of the 1st CO2 Power Plants

Arneg Argentina is manufacturing in its Rosario plant, the first Refrigeration Plant with CO2 as a refrigerant in a transcritical regime.

This generates a milestone in the history of refrigeration both in the company and at the national level, since until now all the installed equipment was of European origin. It should be noted that in 2018 the first subcritical CO2 plant was manufactured and installed.

Arneg is strongly committed to manufacturing at the national level since it allows not only the growth and internal development of the company, but also the development and training of suppliers, installers and personnel, thus generating better response times and a tailor-made engineering for each client, developing for each province or country the equipment with the highest efficiency and benefits.

Regarding the equipment manufactured in question, it is the beginning of the range in terms of cooling power, called SBST, which is made up of 2 MV compressors and 2 LV compressors, both main with frequency variator for modulation. capacity thereof. The cold unit is completed with intermediate expansion valves (HPV), flash valve (RPV), oil recovery and control system, liquid receiver with internal loop and back-up unit, safety devices and electronic system controller with their respective protections.

It should be remembered that CO2 is an ecological refrigerant with GWP = 1 (global warming potential, being the reference gas in terms of this value) and ODP = 0 (it does not deplete the ozone layer), it has a high thermodynamic efficiency reducing the power installed in compressors, energy consumption and total refrigerant charge, adding as the icing on the cake the very low cost of gas compared to traditional HFCs.

Currently, in addition to the SBST model manufactured in question, the design of the mid-range and high-range models in cooling power (MBST and XBST) is being finalized, also of national manufacture to supply the domestic and international market