Our Policy

Our politic


 As an international business-class, Arneg is aware of the impact their activities have on the staff employed in the environment, communities and customers with which it interacts.

 This awareness leads to the desire to express their social and environmental responsibility, ensuring that its long-term development is sustainable and reflects the values ​​and expectations of its employees, society, customers and stakeholders in general.

 Arneg has identified the major social and environmental sectors likely to suffer the effects of their activities in the coming years and which wishes to intervene as a responsible company.

 Therefore Arneg wanted to include in its Quality System also those objectives, environmental, energetic character and those relating to the protection, safety and health of its workers, who want to achieve in the field of Integrated Management System Quality, Safety, environment and Energy.

 Arneg has decided that its policy must be documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all personnel working on behalf of the organization, which must be regularly reviewed and updated, and finally, to be published and made available in the web site and corporate intranet network.


Thus Arneg policy is focused on achieving the following objectives:


• Customer satisfaction

• Motivation and development of human resources

• Dissemination among its employees of the principles of quality, safety, environment and energy, promoting responsible behavior

• Ensure that the policy corresponds to the nature, scale and impact of their organization and that applies to all sectors it covers in terms of quality, safety, environment and energy. And make it in all processes within the limits provided or required by current regulations on environment, energy and safety protection and health, plus applicable and issued by the organization, while ensuring the continuous improvement of environmental and energy aspects and measures of prevention and protection against occupational hazards

• Promotion of mutually advantageous relations between the organization and suppliers


And to achieve it ARNEG the General Directorate promotes, develops and supports:

• Direct customer involvement in product development, with special attention to the consequences of its environmental / energy impact and safety of the end user.

• Direct involvement and awareness of suppliers of goods and services, in all activities involving the Integrated Management System, promoting and encouraging the purchase of safe equipment, with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

• The organization of business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of continuous changing needs of customers.

• The organization and monitoring of business processes that have a direct influence on the environment, energy and safety, to reduce their impact and control risks.

• Monitoring of business processes, the definition of control instruments and analysis of results.

• The initiatives focused on reducing the environmental and energy, such as, for example, air emissions, consumption of water and energy resources, noise, vibration, sound management of chemicals and careful handling impact differentiated waste to enable recycling through continuous staff awareness and investment in infrastructure, setting specific targets and indicators to monitor them frequently and providing the necessary resources to reach.

• The management of the activities in order to prevent accidents, occupational diseases and environmental damage.

• The definition of standards of behavior and penalties relating to the protection of health and occupational and environmental (disciplinary rules Safety and Environment) security all subjects working in the business environment must be respected.

• The management and control of all company activities, from research and design to production, with special attention to compliance with the requirements applicable to the product, safety and occupational health, environmental care and energy saving.

• The care of human resources, defining the tasks and responsibilities and providing information, training and specific training to achieve the objectives set, in a stimulating work environment that ensures proper motivation and participation.

• The exchange with suppliers to identify and achieve common objectives and mutually advantageous inviting contractors working for the company to adopt criteria of protection of health and safety of workers associated with the organization.

• Internal communication between the different levels and different positions within the organization, aspects concerning the Integrated Management System, promoting participation and awareness of all staff of the organization; external communication, to offer adequate to the requirements posed by external participants answers. Note: The Directorate General has decided not to communicate outside their environmental and energy performance, unless external parties expressly request and in this case, only under the supervision of the RSA and CSR responsible.

• The team Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy, offering full and complete support in order to provide management improvement plans.

• The principles of continuous improvement, both within and outside the organization and suppliers.